Pandion in 15 to 20 MPH windPandion in light windsAfter launching in Lake Travis is Austin, TX PANDION was towed to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and the Les Cheneaux Islands where she spent the summer while I taught at Great Lakes Boat Building School. I was able to sail her in a wide variety of wind conditions. The boat performed very well and proved herself to be Weatherly and sea kindly. The boat will sail through 100 degrees and makes no discernable leeway. Not bad for a boat that only draws 28 inches with the boards down. I found the boat tender to 10 degrees of heel and passed 10 degrees the boat stiffens up and in 15 to 20 MPH wind and no reefs I was not able to put the rail down. Light air performance seems to be good as well and the boat will ghost along in very light winds. It was a good summer sailing and a good summer teaching. Look for the book on building Pandion and her little sister in the Spring of 2010

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