Lapstrake Kit

What the Lapstrake Kit Includes

This is a true lapstrake boat, built on a strong back
and not a stitch and glue version of lapstrake

» Computer cut Templates for the planks, bottom, and all station molds that aren’t bulkheads. These are cut from inexpensive 1/4 inch plywood. This means no lofting because the station molds are traced on the material used for molds.

» Bottom, planks, and bulkheads are computer cut from Lloyds Certified BS 1088 okume plywood.

» Each plank and the bottom have a step scarf pre-cut. Also each plank is labeled with a letter (G for garboard, M for mid-plank, S for sheer) and station numbers marked on the plank. Bulkheads are numbered and marked with a center line. This makes assembly simple and fast, with no confusion.

» Lloyds certified BS 1088 Plywood for the Decks

» Solid lumber for the inwales and outwales is pre-cut to dimension and has a 12 to 1 scarf pre-cut. The solid lumber for the cleats and sheer clamps are cut to dimension.

» Screws and hardware for hatches

» Of course, a well-illustrated manual and personal tech support

What is Lloyds Certified BS1088 plywood?

» Lloyds certification means that the plywood is certified by Lloyds of London to meet all BS1088 standards. Because not all BS1088 plywood is created equal using Lloyds certified plywood is your best way to assure the plywood in your boat is the top quality

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